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Experience and Achievements

Notice Processing and CEO Training
(Including: Hackney, Reading, Cambridge, Cornwall, York, Doncaster, Kensington & Chelsea, Northern Ireland, Plymouth, Oxfordshire County Council, Manchester, Harrogate, Newcastle, St Helens, Westminster, Lambeth, Newcastle)

CPE Development and Implementation
(Including: St Albans, Cambridge, Torbay, East Sussex)

Audits, Healthchecks and Parking Reviews
(Including: Haringey, West Sussex, Manchester, Barking & Dagenham, Kingston, Bromley, Reading, Havering, Hackney, Southend on Sea)

Contract Preparation and Procurement
(Including: Oxfordshire County Council, Watford, Waltham Forest, Sutton, Torbay, Northern Ireland, East Sussex, Croydon, Epping Forest)

Support Management
(Including: St Albans, Watford, Guildford, Bromley, Hounslow, Kingston, Horsham)

Manuals, Documentation and Policy Manuals
(Including: Cambridge, East Herts, Haringey, Hillingdon, Manchester, Surrey Councils)

Mystery Shopping
(Including: Poole, Chiltern, Bromley, Wandsworth(enforcement contractor), Tendring, Bournemouth)